100 Club

We run a monthly lottery to raise money for the hall – a proportion of ticket money goes to the hall, and the remainder is given out as prize money each month. The more members we have, the more money you can win!

Currently the monthly prize pot stands at:
1st Prize £40
2nd Prize £10
3rd Prize £5

The 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all residents from Aslacton and Great Moulton Villages and the surrounding area, their family and friends. Residents can buy a number for £24 a year, and there’s no limit to the amount of numbers you can buy. Winners are published in the AM link, Facebook and the news section of this website.

To see the rules of the club or apply to join, read and complete the 100 Club Rules and Application Form and return to hello@aslactongreatmoulton. Alternatively contact Shelia Bishop on 01379 674301.

Be a winner with our 100 Club!


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